The Wonderful World of the CSA

Community Supported Agriculture, or more commonly known as “CSA,” is a growing trend in many areas. Although more and more people are catching on, many still don’t know what a CSA is or what its benefits are. CSA’s have actually been around for more than 25 years. There are a few different types of CSA to choose from depending on what you and your family is looking for.

The Wonderful World of CSA via FreshConnectKC

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture programs allow people to buy fresh foods directly from farmers in their area. Basically, the community supports local farmers and in turn the CSA members get to enjoy seasonal, local, fresh and flavorful produce. One attractive benefit is that the contents of the CSA baskets or boxes are usually up to the digression of the farmer, so the members could receive new fruits and vegetables or other products that they have never tried before. This can be exciting for those who love to cook, as they constantly have new and exciting ingredients to experiment with. It also helps you to be more aware of what grows in your area during the different seasons. In addition, CSA’s offer a unique opportunity for people to forge relationships with their local farmers as well as others in their community.

How do CSA’s Work?

Most CSA’s work in the same way:

  1. A farmer will allocate a certain amount of “shares” of the produce from their farm for a given season.
  2. People from the public can reserve those shares as a membership or a subscription.
  3. Once the season has begun, those same people will receive a basket or box during regular time intervals, usually every week. Some CSA’s let the member choose what they want in their basket, others are completely random.

Our CSA is a little bit different. We allow you to choose exactly what you want to receive in your basked. Instead of having the baskets ready for pickup once a week, we deliver them right to your doorstep. Plus, you don’t have to commit to a membership with our option to pay as you go.