Getting Started

1. Register online

2. Wait for activation email

3. Login to your account

4. Create and customize an order

Important Dates & Times

  • Order deadline is Monday 10am for same week delivery
  • Credit Card charged on Monday
  • Invoice emailed to you by Tuesday
  • Order delivered between 7am-9pm

Cooler is REQUIRED for delivery for us to guarantee the highest quality food.

In the winter we recommend a cooler to keep your produce from freezing.

Getting Started

*Must Be “Activated” by Fresh Connect before you can Modify Boxes or Build an Order.

**Can Only Modify Boxes During Purchase Cycle: Thursday – Monday 10am

Getting started is very easy.It all starts with registering with the website.

Watch this short video and see exactly how to get started!

Two Ways To Order

**Can Only Modify Boxes During Purchase Cycle: Thursday – Monday 10am

Order by Date:

Order by Date is the shopping cart of the current delivery cycle.There is no checkout button, what ever you place in the cart will be processed on Monday 10am for delivery that week.

Did you know you can add multiple Food Boxes, meats, and extra fruits and veggies to the same order?

You have complete control, order what you want when you want it!

Standing Order:

Standing Order is a very convenient way to schedule your favorite products.You can set them up to come weekly, every 2 weeks, or however you would like them to be scheduled.

How it works, is when the ordering cycle begins on Thursday, whatever you have in your standing order, for that week, will be loaded into your Current Order cart to be processed Monday at 10am.

*NOTE: You can modify and change your Standing and Current Order(s) anytime you want via the website, email, or by phone.

*NOTE: Monday at 5pm is our final cut off time for Current Orders to be edited by management for customers.

Managing Your Account

“Account” on the left hand side of the page in the shopping section, you can see:

  • Account Details
  • Preference Lists
  • Order History
  • Schedule Vacations

This video explains how to use them!