Packing a Better Lunch Box

Recent research has shown that 8 out of 10 parents will buy organic foods for their children’s lunch box. In addition, school lunch waste really ads up when you take into account the prevalence of pre-packaged foods in children’s lunches. Not only are the vast majority of prepackaged foods dangerously unhealthy, they also contribute to the excess amount of waste produced. In case this isn’t enough to have you reaching for the celery sticks, you should know that waste-free lunches are much more affordable than their counterpart.

A better lunch box

So how can you pack a better lunch box for your children? Consider a few pieces of advice:

1. Pack Sustainably with Reusable Containers

You can use a reusable lunch bag along with reusable containers to pack their lunch. There are many options available that are made out of safer materials rather than plastic. For example, there are many stainless steel and glass products in the market, including water bottles as well. In addition, there are a lot of new, reusable ziplock substitutes like reusable sandwich bags. These may seem expensive at the beginning, ranging up to $10 for a bag, but if you take into account how often those bags are used and how many the average family goes through, reusable bags can be a great investment.

2. Choose Organic

By choosing organic and locally grown products, you can feel confident that your children are eating the best food available to them. That way they can remain focused at school even after recess is over. If you are choosing organic it probably also means that you are providing a healthy and balanced lunch, which leads to our next piece of advice…

3. Pack a Balanced Meal

This is one of the most important steps to follow when setting your kids up for success after lunch. Packing a lunch for them that will recharge their brain and their energy stores will boost their afternoon productivity dramatically. Although many children will shy away from healthy meals, you can make it more fun for them by being a little creative. The old standby of celery sticks with peanut butter is great, but how many ants on a log can a kid have!? Apple slices with a tbsp of nut butter usually goes over well. For something out of the ordinary, whip up a quick chicken salad with grapes, small apple pieces, celery and a light dressing and wrap it up in a whole grain wrap with lettuce and cucumber. The grapes and apples will sweeten the chicken salad just enough to keep them coming back bite after bite!

4. Add a Healthy Little Treat

To keep your children from swapping their friends for a pack of gushers, make sure to include a small treat to keep them satisfied. Try your hand at raw brownies or your own strawberry bars. Once you figure out what makes your child’s sweet tooth sing, you’ll be able to refine you recipe to make it healthier.

We can all work together to make our world a better place, and packaging is an easy way to start. Using these tips as well as reusable lunch packaging, you and your child can play a small part in living a more sustainable lifestyle.