How to have an Organic Valentines Day

Green Valentines Photo by Kees de Vos @ Flickr

Nothing says be my Valentine like healthy organic gifts of love. When you give organic, you are saying that you love him or her so much that you want to make their world a better place… as they do just by being in it. After all is said and done… isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

When you think of the things we give our loved ones one February 14th, you think of chocolates, flowers, and wine. The makers of these products leave a huge footprint on our world with manufacturing plants, slave labor, and non-green policies. Nowadays we are more aware of the impact eating organic brings to our health, see this article about the The Organic Movement that touches up on this, so we now took our pick of popular valentine gifts and suggest where to buy them Organic! Take, for example… chocolate.


Organic ChocolatePhoto by: CoCreatr @ Flickr

The Love Candy

Chocolate comes from the cacao bean, an amazing super-bean that has many wonderful nutritious properties. When not processed, it is far better for us. As a food, it can produce a fantastic taste and actually stimulates the hormone serotonin when ingested. Serotonin, also known as the happy hormone, is also produced naturally when we have need for feelings of love, joy, and elation.  It is a super immune system booster and many consider it to fall into the brain food category as well. Chocolate also contains the following… thanks to the cacao bean.

ü  Polyphenols: (An Antioxidant)

Prevention of heart disease, the number one killer of men in the United States and Europe. Polyphenols also prevent certain forms of cancer by neutralizing the damaged cells that cause them. This wonder antioxidant is found in cacao and also helps to protect the other vital organs in our bodies!

ü  Vitamin C:

Is a vital nutrient for the immune system and one cocoa bean has more vitamin C than oranges. (40x more in a single bean)

ü  Vitamin A:

It is also high in vitamin A, which is excellent for the skin and eyes.

ü  Vitamins B-D-E-K:

Cacao beans in their organic state are full of these super healthy vitamins.

ü  Stearic and Palmitic Acid:

Found in fats, the Cacao bean has more unsaturated fat then unsaturated. This means that it cannot raise the cholesterol level and these two acids are why.

ü  Iron:

Amazingly enough, the cacao bean is rich in iron, which ensures oxygenated blood flow in the human circulatory system. If you feel tired, dizzy, or light headed… organic cacao is the way to go-go. What is really great about the cacao bean is that along with iron, it also contains traces of zinc, copper, and potassium, another heart healthy food.

ü  Magnesium:

ü  Calcium:

There is more calcium in a single cacao bean than a dozen glasses of cow’s milk. This is great for the bones and new research is using it to fight diseases of the bone.

And Now the Bad News…

Unfortunately, chocolate manufacturers add so many other terrible ingredients in the sake of preservation and even shaping that it is bad for us. The bad ingredients in our over the counter chocolate counteracts the good ingredients and makes the entire affair pointless. If you really want to give “Good” chocolates for Valentine’s Day… check out Dagoba Organic Chocolate.

Valentines flowers   Photo by Thisistami @ Flickr

Will you give Flowers… or Blood Flowers?

Flowers are an extremely popular Valentine’s Day gift that is both beautiful and thoughtful. However, as a general rule the flower industry is not designed to be environmentally friendly. However, if we all (The flower buying public) were to insist upon only flowers that were eco friendly… that would change in a hurry. In giving green flowers, or flowers that are planet friendly, you show that you care that much more.

What are Green flowers?

The problem is that a full 70% to 80% of the entire planet gets their resale flowers from South America. Unscrupulous growers, free from regulation, make more money by not being friendly to the environment. They use chemicals and pesticides that are harmful not only in nature but to the people that come into contact with the flowers, the soil, and any insect or animal that have come into contact, not to mention the very winds that blow these chemicals around, all in the name of speeding up the growing season.

Wake Up

Using unbelievable amounts of carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides, they grow flowers fast and inexpensively. If we insist upon flowers that are grown in America, the UK, or any country that takes a conscientious approach to growing green, we can strike them where it hurts and the only way in which we can get their attention… their wallets.

And Smell the Roses

Flower growers in South America use forced labor. They pay low or no pay for hard work in dangerous conditions. They take advantage of a poverty stricken area, use up the people causing sickness and death, and then move on in order to keep costs low and profits high. They should be called Blood Flowers. Fair trade flowers are very often a community project that pays fair wages and uses green methods to grow flowers that benefit the community, the environment, and the workers.

Love – Love – Love

If you love the planet that your loved ones live on, send them organic or fair trade flowers and let them know that you really care enough to give the best. Good places to order green flowers: Ftd flowers, plants, & gifts and One World Flowers.

Organic Wine Valentines Photo by: Andy Rennie @ Flickr

Eco Friendly Wines

This Valentine’s Day, wine and dine your loved ones with eco friendly food and drink. Organically grown and produced wine is good for the planet, good for the people, and good for your taste buds. Here are a few things you may not know that will surprise you.

ü  Grapes are on the top of the list of plants that receive pesticides. This means that the grapes that are used to create our jams, jellies, and even wines receive the largest dose of harmful chemicals out of all grown for sale crops. It is a scary thought.

ü  Of all grapes, those used for wine receive the most chemicals.

ü  These pesticides are not only harmful to people through the wines we drink. The chemicals reach the water table and pollute our fresh drinking, bathing, and clothes washing water. Since it may take 20 or more years, most people do not realize what it is that is causing the respiratory and neurological problems that are killing them.

The Price is Right

Organically grown wine is good for the environment and is just as delectable as or more so than other wines. The wonderful part of organic wine is that it is one of the few organic products that do not cost more than its counterparts. There is no way to lose by going organic in your wine selections.

Prepare to be Shocked

If you want to give the gift of wine this Valentine’s Day, give the one that also gives back to our planet, our communities, and our loved ones. Do you want to know more? Check out these websites, however, we must warn you that there is a lot of information that will shock you about how your favorite wine may be harming you… and others. Organic is the only way to go: The Organic Wine Company and Wine Searcher.