How to Carve and Decorate a Pumpkin

What better way is there to spend time with the family than by carving pumpkins? Pumpkin carving can be extremely fun. Family members get to pick the type of face each one wants to create: scary, funny, or goofy. They may choose to do a combined design using different tools, like painting and carving.  Maybe use some intricate stencils? Or candy? And, since everyone is together, you build lasting memories. The following steps will show you how easy it is to carve cool designs on your pumpkins to wow your friends and family this Halloween.


Step 1: Choosing a Pumpkin

Pick a large pumpkin to carve. The bigger it is, the more space you’ll have for the design. Look at the pumpkin’s color; the lighter ones are softer and easier to carve.

Step 2: Cutting the Top and Cleaning

Cut a hole on the top of your pumpkin with a saw-like knife. Clean the inside by scooping out the pulp and scraping the seeds. A hole on the top is good if you are planning to use candles or battery powered lights for illum­­­ination. On the other hand, if the light will consist of electric lights, it is best to make the hole in the bottom.

Tip: in order for the pumpkin to last longer, rinse the pumpkin with water and a bit of bleach and let it dry. Once dry, apply Vaseline to the inside and outside to prevent it from shrinking.

Step 3: Choosing your Template

Now the fun begins! Choose or draw a template of the face you will want to carve. Attach it on the pumpkin by cutting the corners and securing it well with tape. Trace the design by poking holes with something sharp, whether a knife or a nail, on the pumpkin. Once the pattern is completely transferred, using a serrated knife, link the holes and begin carving.

Tip: Search online for free pumpkin patterns. Some cool pumpkin face ideas include: silly, scary, and goofy, or you may opt for a drawing of a witch, a cat, etc.

Step 4: Indulge in Creativity

This is the part where you can add to your creative mindset and use spray paint, glitter, and candy to complete your masterpiece. To add glitter, simply spray the desired area of a pumpkin with spray adhesive. Sprinkle glitter over the sprayed surface and allow it to dry. Use a variety of spray paint colors to make it stand out, or candy for a unique twist.

Step 5: Adding Light

Bring out your design with light! To illuminate your carved pumpkin, the safest alternative is using any type of battery operated light. This way, you don’t have to worry about the wind or creating a fire hazard. To make it even more fun, consider putting different color lights like green, blue, red, or any other fun color.