Five Worst Produce Products To Purchase Non-Organic

Five Worst Produce Products To Purchase Non-Organic

worst produce products to purchase non organic
photo by Patrick Feller @ Flickr

The times are changing and that is unfortunate. This is one statement that holds truer today than ever before, especially when it comes to the foods we eat. Pesticides and other chemicals are building up in our bodies faster than you can blink. These chemicals can and will eventually be the death of us if we eat enough of them. Those super susceptible are the children and the elderly. Organic food is the way to go. Here are five non-organic foods that you should definitely avoid:

Oh-No… Red Delicious Apples made the List

An apple a day will no longer keep the doctor at bay. In fact, apples may herald the doctor’s arrival sooner than expected. Apples rate as one of the highest on the pesticide scale. You cannot wash the chemicals away either. The apple’s thin skin allows the chemicals to invade the inside where the tastiest meat lies. If you love apples, go organic. If you have the climate… plant an apple tree.

The Celery is a Holiday Favorite

I cringed when I learned that celery was on the list. The marvelous vegetable that we love in soups, salads, and our Thanksgiving stuffing is high in water, allowing it to absorb the chemicals deep into their stalks. You can wash them until you are blue in the face and still have a high chemical signature.

Why do Strawberries have to be on this Stupid List

When the fresh air of spring arrives, young men’s thoughts turn to romance… and delicious strawberries! The red and delicious fruit that is so sweet it can be thought of as candy is filled with antioxidants that are so good for you it is not even funny. It is just too bad that tests have revealed that strawberries also contain high levels of at least 13 different pesticide chemicals. If you eat too much of this, you could get very sick over time.

Peaches: The Superhero of Fruit is Defeated

Is there anything sweeter than peaches? If there is, we do not know about it. They not only taste great but we can smell peaches in the grocery store before we even enter the aisle in which they reside. In fact, peaches are almost the perfect food. Here’s why…

  • A peach only contains about 35 calories, making it a great diet food
  • Contains the kind of antioxidants that fight Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease
  • The peach is a natural skin moisturizer. The vitamins A and C help to regenerate the cells that make up our skin and keep us looking and feeling young
  • Peaches can help prevent baldness (It’s true)
  • The peach has been proven to relieve stress
  • Peaches contain the mineral selenium, which fights cancer
  • Peaches are one of natures’ most effective natural diuretics
  • Making tea from peaches can help keep kidneys healthy
  • Mix in peach tree bark with that tea and you have a bronchitis and gastrointestinal remedy
  • The antimicrobial properties of peaches help to reduce tumor size and prevent tumors from growing
  • Gout is eased by the diuretic properties of peaches, as well as rheumatism
  • Peaches, and most stone pit fruits help fight obesity and are good for the metabolism
  • The flowers from the peach tree can be used as a sedative

Now the Bad News (And it ain’t  peachy)

Unfortunately, peaches can also kill you. In 2009, peaches from the US and those imported were stopped in transit and tested. They were found to have more than 50 different compounds found in pesticides. At least five of these were over the EPA recommended minimum limit, and many have never been approved for use on peaches in the US. The peaches tested were on their way to grocery stores throughout the US.

The World’s Most Versatile Vegetable… The Potato

The potato is the super food of the world. You can do so many things with the potato that it is the cook’s dream food. We have hash browns for breakfast, french fries for lunch, and scalloped potatoes for supper, leaving only the desert. (Who hasn’t had fries for desert or left over tater pancakes smothered in applesauce)

The potato is one of the worst foods that you can purchase unless you go organic. The chemicals found in potatoes include carcinogens and are also the same chemicals that did so much damage to the bee population. It is such a shame that one of our most versatile foods is also one of the deadliest.

Five of our favorite foods are listed here and each one is probably putting us into an early grave. You can bet that we will go organic from this moment forward and we pray, for your sake, that you will as well.