Local Farmers

Certified Organic, Grass Fed Beef

wellsFamilyFarmWells Family Farms finds its roots deep in the Missouri soil.
Four generations of farming and raising cattle in this portion of the United States has been a great challenge, with many rewards.
To remain a viable agriculture business in this age has brought many changes to the day to day life of farmers. From the changes in field work to the absence of additives in the cattle feed the changes are far reaching.
Our cattle have never been on the steroid and hormone roller coaster ride many adopted in the last 50 years or so, which has given us a lead on our competitors.
Becoming Certified Organic was a very natural course of action to our farm since we have been maintaining our pastures and cattle in this method for years now.
It is the only way to truly raise cattle. The humane treatment of animals should always be at the top of the list of priorities.

Wells Farm
4009 State Highway UU,
King City, MO 64463

660-783-2930 / 660-562-7892



Pasture Raised Pork

knappPigsWe are a multi-generational family farm located near Bonner Springs, Kansas. We have been pork producers since 1954.
We strive to raise the leanest and healthiest pork and beef in a humane and natural environment. That means a lot of outdoor space, and a lot of attention to their well being.
We raise our own corn and grind it ourselves with locally produced soybean meal to make up their diet. We don’t use any growth hormones or animal by-products in our feed rations. We do not use any routine antibiotics
No gestation or farrowing crates are used on our farm. Our sows have their piglets in individual pens which are big enough for plenty of movement. The sows are let out twice a day while we clean the pens and check the babies. The piglets have an area where they can lay under a heat lamp to get a little extra warmth if needed.
In the winter our pigs lie in a bed of straw which we produce from our winter wheat crop.
In the summer they prefer to lie under a mist of cool water from the sprinkler system
My brother Al and his wife Mary added beef to the operation in 1994. They are very attentive to the well being of each and every cow, as Dad and I are of the pigs.
The cows have access to pasture and hay all year long. We supplement with about 1-1.5 pound of grain each day. The grain and hay are all raised by us. Like the pigs we grind and mix our own feed, no added hormones. No feedlots or confinement on our farms, just a lot of wide open space.
We have a great relationship with our packer which is located 11 miles from the farm. No long stressful rides for our animals.

Gaylen Knapp
18411 158th st
Bonner Springs KS, 66012




Jason Wiebe Dairy

wiebe-300x299Farmhouse natural cheese made in Kansas from grade-A milk for the difference you can taste and the taste you’ll want again. The word “farmhouse” in the name of their cheese refers to the fact that the cows are raised and the milk is produced on the same farm that the cheese is made. Natural cheese at its best.
Jason Wiebe Dairy produces all its cheese from hormone free milk from their own cows. See pictures from our visit to the dairy in Feb 2011!

Durham, KS

(620) 732-2846



Growing Beyond Organic Produce

huns gardes“Huns Garden is an all natural farm that is operated by Pov Huns, whom grow specialty vegetables and herbs.
Huns Garden is operates on 3.95-acres plot located in urban Kansas City, Kansas.
We produce specialty vegetables that have medicinal value, as well as other Asian greens that are hard to find.”

Hun’s Garden
4730 Metropolitan Ave
Kansas City, KS 66106




Hildebrand Farms Dairy

HildebrandfarmsdairyDavid and Alan Hildebrand are brothers and co-owners, along with their wives, of Hildebrand Farms Dairy Inc. They have lived and worked on the farm since they were big enough to carry a bucket and are responsible for what the dairy is today. David and Alan farm over 2,000 acres, raising the majority of the feed for our herd of Holsteins. David’s emphasis is the farming operation, but he does help out in the processing plant. He handles the FSA paperwork. Alan is the plant manager and handles all of the processing. He is also one of our certified lab techs. They both work tirelessly, in all aspects of our farming operation, to keep the farm up to the standards we feel make it a quality business.

Key to success: if you don’t have happy, healthy cows, then you won’t have good milk production. Thus, the most important key to a successful dairy is keeping your cows happy and healthy. Year round, weather permitting, the cows are let out into the pasture to roam and graze. The cows will still eat and sleep in the free stall barn. Our cows eat a very well balanced diet of alfalfa, corn silage, corn, soybeans, and vitamins and minerals. They also have access to water 24 hours a day.

David & Kathy and Alan & Mary
5210 Rucker Road
Junction City, KS 66441

Phone: 785-238-8029 -or- 785-762-MILK
Fax: 785-238-4100

Email: hildebrandfarmsdairy@gmail.com


Hi Ho Sheep

hihosheepHi Ho Sheep Farm delivers great tasting lamb by relying on the skills of small, local farmers who tailor their practices to the needs of their lambs. The lambs eat a balanced diet of grass, hay, and grain, avoiding extremes like grass fed .

They get fresh air and exercise in their pastures, but still have shelter to rest out of the elements . They’re harvested at 5-11 months of age to ensure tenderness, unlike some operations who may grow them 18 months.

Above all, we and the farmers we work with pay attention to the needs of the lambs and tailor what we do to meet them. We do this to bring you the best tasting lamb possible. That’s why our customers say things like, “Cooked some of the lamb chops tonight and they were incredible!”

Craig & Nora
Lee’s Summit, MO



Green Dirt Farm

wolfCreekWolf Creek Family Farm is a small family farm in Peculiar, MO.  We are focused on fresh, sustainably grown produce and naturally raised meat and eggs.  We try hard to use methods that preserve the integrity of the land and provide wholesome, chemical-free food for our customers.  We believe food is fresher, more nutritious and more able to sustain itself as a system if it’s produced close to where it’s consumed.

We’re happy and proud to offer you high-quality produce, home-grown meat and fresh eggs grown naturally. We eat from the same fields you do and wouldn’t dare sell anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Wolf Creek Family Farm is proud of our commitment to quality and hope you’ll feel confident in feeding your family fresh food from the family farm.

So, are you Hungry Like the Wolf?  Roam our site to find out more about what we grow, where we sell it and how you can get involved.  Check out our blog for updates about what’s going on around the farm, news in sustainable agriculture, pictures and more.

23901 S. Cowger Road
Peculiar MO 64078


Farms to Market Bread Co.

farm to market breadThe finest, most flavorful, freshly baked bread in the city!
It’s Alive!
Our all-natural ingredients include a little piece of magic called starter. Essentially a fermenting combination of water, flour and live yeast, the starter is, technically, alive. As we take from the starter, we add back to the starter, and the fermentation process begins anew. It’s the way handcrafted breads have been made for centuries and its part of the reason the loaf you’re holding in your hand tastes so darn good.
Fresh Bread. Eat Today.
This bread you hold in your hand is young, fresh and should be enjoyed the day you bring it home. Our sliced bread lasts 4 or 5 days on the counter, we don’t recommend putting our breads in the refrigerator since it makes the bread dry. Unlike the preservative-packed, factory-made, sliced loaf available elsewhere, our all-natural bread, fresh-baked slices won’t last forever. But you’re not buying it to look at it, right? You’re headed for the freshest, best tasting sandwich, Panini or piece of toast that ever crossed your lips. So let’s get started.

216 West 73rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64114

(816) 363-3198



Cupini’s Italian Food

cupini's italian foodLove at first bite. We’re Passionate About Pasta
My son Eddie and I opened Cupini’s in 2003 on Westport Road in Kansas City with one mission; to deliver fresh pasta that is all natural, tastes like my mom used to make and available at a reasonable price.
When we expanded in the first year we knew that Kansas City had fallen in love at first bite.
My youngest son Dino joins us over the summers and Eddie got married to the lovely Nerissa and we are blessed with my first grandson. The newest Cupini chef, Alessandro.
Cupini’s is about food and family. Come in for a meal, and leave as a friend.

Ciao Bella –

Italian Foodcupinis
1809 Westport Road,
Kansas City, MO 64111

(816) 753-7662



Bauman’s Cedar Valley Farm

meatBundle1Cedar Valley Farms is a family farm that produces PASTURE-RAISED EGGS, CHICKEN, TURKEY, DUCK which are fed all-natural feeds. NO ADDED HORMONES OR ANTIBIOTICS.
Our BEEF IS 100% GRASS-FED. All animals are fed certified organic grass and hay. Come visit the farm and see how our family is committed to raising quality food for you. Cedar Valley Farms now provides USDA Poultry Processing.

Bauman’s Cedar Valley Farm
24161 NW Kentucky Rd
Garnett, KS 66032



Barham Cattle Co.

barhamWe invite you to visit our farm, which has been in the family for over one hundred years! Today, three generations help to humanely raise and take care of our animals.

We offer pasture-raised beef, chicken (including free range eggs) and pork – all antibiotic and growth hormone free.

Our healthy and wholesome beef features a limited, locally grown grain with flax seed, to enhance the marbling, flavor and omega 3. You won’t believe your taste buds when you try our beef, dry-aged for fourteen days – tender, juicy and great tasting! We take great pride in raising our cattle always on grass, and they are never feedlot confined. A variety of options to enjoy our beef include by the cut, quarter, half or whole beef.

Barham Family Farm
Kearney, MO

(816) 365-2445


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