Frequently Asked Questions

Is all your food organic?

Our produce is grown to and/or above organic standards. Our meats and dairy are all hormone, antibiotic, and nitrate free. Many of the local farms we source from have not gone through the timely and costly organic certification process. As a local Kansas City company supporting local farms, we are more concerned with a their farming practices and standards than their government label. We only source food from local farms and ranches that we know meet our standards.

Are deliveries free?

Yes, within our delivery area.  However, there is a minimum order of $24.00 needed, otherwise a Delivery Fee of $5.00 will apply.

Do I have to order a “pre-configured” food box to order from you?

No, treat us like any regular grocery store. Buy Only What You Want, When You Want To!  We have No Restrictions and No Commitment Requirements!

Do I have to buy Every Week?

No, you can order only when you want to!

Do I have to buy a membership to order?

No, memberships are completely optional and are Very Popular among customers who order from us regularly.  We had one customer save over $500 her first year with a membership!

Are you farmers yourselves?

Yes, you are welcome to come out to our farm (Troque Farms) and check us out. See the pigs and cows, check out the produce, enjoy the fresh air! We raise, grow, and eat the same healthy food we serve our customers.

What if I get something I don’t like or it goes bad fast?

100% Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with something you received, we’ll replace it or give you credit.