Cost of Organic vs. Cost of Medicine

Organic foods have a bad reputation for being costly as all organic products cost a little bit more when compared to the conventional version. Although this may be true in some cases, there are noticeable expenses associated with poor health that are much greater than the cost of organic. These expenses could be avoided if a person followed a healthier diet of organic fruits and vegetables.

In the United States it is common practice for doctors to prescribe medications that mask symptoms rather than cure illnesses. This keeps patients coming back because it doesn’t help to actually heal them. By doing so, doctors and insurance companies are raking in more and more of our money, while we are getting sicker and sicker. Some of the most costly medical bills in the United States are due to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and exposure to toxins, all of which can be avoided by simply changing a person’s diet.

Holistic Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine

Holistic doctors actually pinpoint the illness associated with a person’s symptoms to heal them and keep the illness from ever coming back. How do they do this? They pay attention to their patients, and they don’t turn to medicine first.

Here is an example: A mother was troubled when her child was diagnosed with diabetes at an early age. Her child would have to receive insulin shots every day, and she felt that this wasn’t far to him. She worked with a holistic doctor and her pediatrician to find out what was really wrong. The holistic doctor recommended cutting out gluten and dairy, and after two years of a gluten and dairy free diet, her child tested negative for diabetes. Most traditional doctors wouldn’t recommend a dietary change first; they would recommend insulin to subdue the symptoms. As a result, that child would have automatically become a customer for life, constantly purchasing medicine from pharmaceutical companies and making doctor’s appointments to check up on his “disease,” when it could have been cured with food.

those who think they have no time for healthy eating

 Food that Cures

The idea that food can cure people is not new; many studies have been done to identify which foods have the greatest impact on changing our health for the better. It is known that a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables versus a diet of processed and packaged foods wins every time. This is true for obesity, diseases, cancer, lowering blood pressure, and more. Real, fresh, organic food is just better for you! Epidemics such as the obesity epidemic that we face today didn’t exist before the surge of processed foods was introduced into our grocery stores. Although it may be cheaper to buy pretzels rather than apples, it won’t be cheaper to buy medicine and medical care instead of apples. It is never too late to start.