7 Organic New Year’s Resolutions

From the last week of October and all of that frightening candy, straight through November when we become gobblers, and finishing up at the end of December, where we all look like we are trying out for the Fat Santa contest, a large part of the population gains a good deal of weight. This year, when we resolve to dissolve some of that fat… why not go organic and do it up right. This way, we can lose weight and help the local community as well. Here are seven popular resolutions to kick the year off right. Who knows… maybe we can develop a good habit for a change. New Years is right around the corner and that means RESOLUTIONS.

healthy resolution

Plant Your Resolution Tree

Snag your calendar and mark this down. This is our year to plant a tree. Trees of any kind are just good news for the planet. The provide shade in the summer, look really cool in the fall, throw oxygen into the atmosphere, and keep the squirrels out from under foot. Do it right and plant a tree that actually provides food you can eat, like heart healthy pecans or profit producing walnuts. These trees grow almost anywhere and kick in their share of the rent.

Remember to watch out for gas and sewer lines when you dig and plant your mighty oak far enough away from the foundation of your home to prevent root damage. A nice nut or fruit producing tree can be a boon to your community and your budget if you do it right.

Try to Buy from the Little Guy

Walmart, Kmart, Target and the rest seem to be everywhere but the majority of businesses in the world are not the Sears and Macy stores, they are your local small time merchants trying to eke out a slender piece of the big store pie. The next time you buy a gift or a little something for yourself, keep that in mind. It is worth it to your community to see those extra greenbacks. Buying from your community stores keeps the economy.

Eat At Joes… Literally

Many of the local restaurant/café merchants serve healthier foods that are grown locally. The people who are living the dream of actually owning and building their own establishment within their community put a lot of love and care into what they serve and how they prepare it. Try the pie… I hear it is a family recipe made from scratch and it is probably putting a neighbor’s child through college.

Let your Resolution start a Veggie Revolution

As children, we did not believe it. As adults, we simply know better, or at least, we should. Studies show that people who eat their veggies with a serious attitude get fewer illnesses like cancer, on average weigh far less, (with healthier hearts) and flat out live a longer life than those who do not.

Here is some something to consider… the vegetables on your burger chain burger were grown weeks and even months ago on the other side of the country, (regardless of where you live) and were shipped to you in the back of a dirty truck, handled by at least two dozen people, and refrigerated more than a few times. Thank goodness, someone was thoughtful enough to shoot them full of chemicals to keep them fresh. (When they say dig in… do they mean eat or dig your own grave?)

Speaking of Gardening

Planting your own garden is not just tasty… it is downright healthy. There is sunshine, fresh air, and exercise waiting for you in that big back yard. The bonus is that you save money on your grocery bill as well. Canning and preserving your spoils can become habit forming if you are not careful and while the rest of the hood are opening cans next winter, you are popping the jar top on something fresher and tastier because you grew it and put it up for the occasion. In the winter, share fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and the like with neighbors and friends.

Go Native… Purchase Native

When purchasing your groceries every week or month, set aside a small percentage of your food budget for your local merchants. In doing so, you are accomplishing two goals. First, you are getting fresh produce that was grown and tended by people in your community. It is chemical free and has not been handled by dozens upon dozens of people you do not know. Second, you are putting money right back into your local community… a tight little circle of the economy that serves you in more ways than you know.

The third benefit is a healthy alternative to foods that are filled with chemicals that are designed to keep the food fresh but make your liver old. You will also find it easier to reach your target weight and maintain it. You may want to shoot for somewhere between 5% and 15% of your monthly food budget to spend locally.

The Organic Sneak Attack Resolution

Just about everyone knows someone that refuses to go organic and eat better. This is usually a loved one that does not have your willpower. They are usually too stubborn to give up the foods that they love regardless of how unhealthy those foods may be. There is a trick to it, however that may help sway those people so that they may remain in your life for a long, long time.

One Healthy Secret at a Time

Find heart healthy, organic recipes and prepare those dishes without letting on what it is you are doing. Start with side dishes only, to serve with the foods that they love. Make these healthy dishes as tasty and imaginative as possible. Once you have them hooked on one, start adding a few more little by little. It will not be long before they are hooked and eating more of the right organic foods and less of the chemically treated foods that are killing them slowly but surely. Make thgis year, the first and best year of your life, and the lives of those you love.