11 Weirdest Fruits on Earth

11 Weirdest Fruits on Earth

While we are all used to eating our common known fruits from farmers, ranchers, and food artisans, there are other fruits out there that are rarely seen, eaten, or even heard about. If you are open to exploring, or curious about what other fruits are out there, see the list below. Some are funny looking, others colorful, and others don’t even look like fruit at all. Which have you tried already, and which haven’t you?

Dragon Fruit
Photo by Carlos Blanco @ Flickr

#1 Pitaya or Dragon Fruit

The pitaya fruit is blessed with a bright pink skin with a creamy white flesh dotted with small, black seeds. This flesh has a sweet taste. Once you’ve eaten a pitaya, make sure you stay close to a restroom because it is known for its laxative effects. The dragon fruit is native to Central and South America and some southeast Asian countries.

Miracle berry
Photo by Ola Waagen @Flickr

#2 Miracle Berry

This exotic fruit sends your taste buds on an unusual flavor trip. If you eat a lemon, for instance, it will taste sweet, not tart. The miracle berry works to chemically alter your perception of the tastes of foods. This effect is temporary. This fruit is a native of west Africa.

Weirdest fruits Durian
Photo by Choo Yut Shing @ Flickr

#3 Durian

The durian has a hard shell that makes you think of the porcupine. That’s not its only unusual property. Once you get through the shell and open up the fruit within, you’ll be waving your hands in front of your face, running for the nearest door. Native to China, the durian fruit is called the king of fruits.

Photo by Ken Taya @ Flickr

#4 Akebi

This fruit, coming from the Tohoku region of Japan, only grows for about two weeks in the early autumn months. The skin is a bright pink. Akebi grows on a wild vine and, when it is ripe, one end pops itself open. The rind is considered to be a vegetable while the sweet pulp inside is the fruit.

Photo by DeusXFlorida @ Flickr

#5 Carambola or Starfruit

The starfruit’s taste may remind you of some citrus fruits. Before it is cut, the starfruit has multiple lobes surrounding the center. When it is cut into, each piece looks like a starfish or stars. This fruit grows in more tropical climates.

Weirdest fruit - jaboticaba
Photo by Scot Nelson @ Flickr

#6 Jaboticaba

The Jaboticaba is a native of southeastern Brazil and resemble tiny bowling balls. Rather than growing off branches, this fruit grows right on the main trunk of the tree. Inside the fruit is a white pulp that is suitable for use in jellies or eating raw. To eat one, bite softly into the skin, allowing the juice to squirt into your mouth. After swallowing the pulp and juice, spit out the seeds and skin.

Photo by Chris Goldberg @ Flickr

#7 Rambutan

This fruit is a native of Asia, where it is grown as a garden fruit. When you look at it, you’ll be reminded of cheerleaders’ pom-poms. Cut the skin open and expose a translucent pink or white flesh that is sweet to the taste. The seed is poisonous.

Cherimoya - Weirdest fruit
Photo by Robert Couse-Baker @ Flickr

#8 Cherimoya

The rind of this fruit is…well, it might remind you of a dragon’s scales. As a native of South Asia, central and south America, this fruit was eaten by Mark Twain, who proclaimed it to be the most delicious fruit. The flesh is white, with a creamy texture. You’ll see several small, dark seeds dotting the flesh. The English nickname of this fruit is the custard apple.

Weirdest fruit
Photo by Rogier Noort @ Flickr

#9 Kiwano or African Horned Melon

This fruit grows in Africa and in Californian orchards. The rind is orange, with horns or spikes sticking out from the body. Inside, the flesh is green with tiny seeds. The taste has been compared to a combination of cucumber, banana and lemon.

Weirdest fruit - Cupuacu
Photo by (Bob) Ricardo Solar @ Flickr

#10 Cupuacu

This fruit is related to cacao and grows in Bolivia, Peru, northern Brazil and in Colombia. Once the shell has been broken open, you eat the pulp, which smells like chocolate and pineapple. The juice tastes like pears with just a hint of bananas.

Custard apples - weird fruit
Photo by Carrie Kellenberger @ Flickr

#11 Custard Apple

The custard apple is related to the cherimoya, but it is not the same. This fruit has medicinal properties. The interior fruit has a sweet taste.