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Recent Organic Recipes
Party Sangria
Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup
Sangria is a derivative of the Spanish word “sangre”, meaning blood - suiting word for its dark red color. Sangria is always a hit drink at a party, especially during the holidays. Even though there are many types of sangria, they mostly consist of white or red wine, fruits, fruit juices, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic contents mixed. The trick is to find the perfect sangria recipe that has been tested and tastes delicious for everyone at the party, not too strong, too sweet, etc. The sangria recipe below has the perfect combination of citrus and berries that will have your guest going crazy for more.

Red Beef Pozole for the Holiday Season
Red Beef Pozole for the Holiday Season
Pozole rojo is a traditional soup from Mexico typically served at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The delicious flavor of pozole comes from a combination of beef, ancho chilies, hominy corn and spices. Let’s add to that warm tortillas and the accompanying ingredients that include lime, chopped cilantro, shredded cabbage, and sliced radishes and you got your self a killing holiday dish that all guests and family members will be raving about.

Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup
Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup
The curse is finally over. You know the one. If we lived to be 100 years old, we could never make soup that tastes as good as the soup our mothers used to make. That curse has finally been lifted thanks to this Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe. We are so sure of this fact that we invite you to put it to the test. However, we also ask that you please be careful with the following warning.

Delicious Organic Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary Cocktail
This version of the traditional Bloody Mary is a great cocktail to serve during parties and can be served “virgin” for designated drivers. Since it is a tomato juice drink loaded with lycopene, enough to cover your daily needs, it is the ultimate healthy drink option for a daytime party as well, and it complements your party mood if you happen to like spicy… You can also make this as a non-alcoholic beverage option for your guests. So head on to buy the organic ingredients and serve a healthy cocktail your guest will definitely enjoy!

Tinga Tacos Recipe
Tinga Tacos Recipe
One of the things that make Tinga Tacos such an exciting Mexican dish is the amazing versatility of the recipe. Tinga Tacos can be braised in the oven, sure. It can also be made in a slow cooker. As a matter of fact… you can even make this recipe in its entirety right on top of the stove. Why stop now? Tinga Tacos in a casserole dish is also possible. Now how is that for a versatile dish?

Meet Our Family


Nature’s Choice

Nature’s Choice, the Only Biodynamic Farm in Northwest Missouri. Basically, they grow fruits and veggies well beyond organic standards. So their produce is more Delicious, and contains far more nutrients then conventional and even organically grown produce. Did you know it takes over 35 pounds of conventionally grown carrots to equal the nutrients of 1 pound of carrots from the 1930′s?


Peacock Farms

Peacock Farms est. 1868. Originally we grew row crop and then live stock but now we grow a diversity of fruits, veggies, and grains as well as Angus cattle, chickens, and peacocks. Along with our delicious produce we make wonderfully tasting jams and jelly. We grow to many of the organic standards.


Huns Garden

Huns Garden is a small urban farm using a sustainable method of growing vegetables and small fruits on approx. 3.95 cultivated acres. To service the high demand, we now also use much larger farms just outside the city. We grow our vegetables naturally without the use of chemicals. Everything in our garden is naturally grown, as if grown in the wild.


Barham Cattle Company

Barham Cattle Company & Family Farm is conveniently located near Kearney, Missouri. We invite you to visit our farm, which has been in the family for over one hundred years! Today, three generations help to humanely raise and take care of our animals. We offer pasture-raised beef, chicken (including free range eggs) and pork – all antibiotic and growth hormone free.

Also service: Kansas City Mo & KS, Overland Park KS, Olathe KS, Lee’s Summit MO, Shawnee KS