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What Fresh Connect Does For You:

check markFresh Connect delivers to your home or office local organic food or groceries from farmers, ranchers, and food artisans!

check markFrom our door to your door, we provide a convenient, easy, and simple way for you to shop the healthiest foods and have the groceries delivered right to you.

check markWhat you want, You Get! Unlike a traditional CSA, you have complete control over what you get and when you get it!

check markCSA’s have been great but many are switching over to locally focused online grocery stores where they can buy from dozens of local providers without having to sign up for multiple CSA’s.

check markThe door to our store is always open online and we deliver to your door every week.

check markWith year round deliveries, we offer the best of local food, but when it is not available locally and organically, we bring it in certified organic from outside the area.

american-farmers-ranchersThank You for Strengthening the USA!

With Every Purchase You Support,
Local Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Artisans!

Meet Our Family :


Nature’s Choice

Nature’s Choice, the Only Biodynamic Farm in Northwest Missouri. Basically, they grow fruits and veggies well beyond organic standards. So their produce is more Delicious, and contains far more nutrients then conventional and even organically grown produce. Did you know it takes over 35 pounds of conventionally grown carrots to equal the nutrients of 1 pound of carrots from the 1930’s?


Peacock Farms

Peacock Farms est. 1868. Originally we grew row crop and then live stock but now we grow a diversity of fruits, veggies, and grains as well as Angus cattle, chickens, and peacocks. Along with our delicious produce we make wonderfully tasting jams and jelly. We grow to many of the organic standards.


Huns Garden

Huns Garden is a small urban farm using a sustainable method of growing vegetables and small fruits on approx. 3.95 cultivated acres. To service the high demand, we now also use much larger farms just outside the city. We grow our vegetables naturally without the use of chemicals. Everything in our garden is naturally grown, as if grown in the wild.


Barham Cattle Company

Barham Cattle Company & Family Farm is conveniently located near Kearney, Missouri. We invite you to visit our farm, which has been in the family for over one hundred years! Today, three generations help to humanely raise and take care of our animals. We offer pasture-raised beef, chicken (including free range eggs) and pork – all antibiotic and growth hormone free.

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Service to the Greater KC Area, including:
Kansas City Mo & KS; Overland Park, KS; Olathe, KS; Shawnee, KS; Lawrence, KS;
Lee’s Summit, MO; Warrensburg, Mo; St Joseph, MO;